Bathmate range of hydropumps is a unique opportunity for penis enlargement

11 февраля 2022

Bathmate range of hydropumps is a unique opportunity for penis enlargement

Today, our sex boutique has prepared an article for you, which details the Bathmate hydro pumps, a series of toys that have gained incredible popularity among men around the world. The line of Bathmate hydropumps is represented by the following models: Hydromax, Hercules, Goliath. All of these pumps differ in their own dimensions (height, width, ring diameter), the maximum allowable size of the penis placed inside, as well as the level of pressure in the flask.

Hercules has the smallest sizes in the line: the total length of the pump is 29 cm; the length of the pump in the compressed state of the corrugations — 22 cm; pump diameter — 5 cm, maximum length of the penis — 19 cm

The Hydromax X30 is exactly the same size as the Hercules, but 30% powerful than its predecessor, and the follow-up Hydromax x40 is 15% larger than the X30 and can accommodate a 22 cm long penis.

The Goliath hydropump adequately completes the line with a total length of 35 cm, a total compressed length of 27 cm, a diameter of 7.5 cm, and a maximum penis length of 26 cm.

Hydropumps are widely used by men all over the world to enlarge the penis, restore or strengthen erections, and simply enjoy. The principle of operation of hydropumps is somewhat different from the principle of operation of vacuum pumps: when the pressure in the flask decreases (when the blood pressure in the genital organ is higher than the external pressure in the flask) in the male genital organ placed in it, the cavernous bodies begin to fill with blood and because of this expand, providing increase in flow. The consequence of this process is a persistent male erection, and with the systematic use of the pump, the size of the penis increases.

Unlike vacuum pumps, which, if used incorrectly (for example, without a lubricant), can cause short-term discomfort to a man (rubbing, rubbing, skin irritation at the point of contact between the penis and the pump), hydrotreme are more comfortable in terms of use — there is no need for a lubricant, you can use it in the bath, shower, that is, the geography of application has been significantly expanded. is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydropumps for male penis enlargement. What is new prepared for us by the manufacturer, presenting his new hydropump Hydromax? The model is presented in two versions: X30 and X40. The Hydromax X30 pump received the same dimensions as its predecessor, Hercules, which has already gained popularity among men over the 5 years of its existence, but the Hydromax X30 is 30% more powerful than its predecessor and has a denser corrugation. The X40 model differs from the X30 by 15% in size. So, let’s take a closer look at the new product from Bathmate — the Hydromax pump.

Firstly, the packaging of the hydropump does not differ from its predecessors, the manufacturer has retained the classic rigor and design, but the toy has undergone significant changes in structure and use.

Secondly, the toy has received a more comfortable and ergonomic shape, which allows you to rotate the hydropump 360 degrees use.